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We now offer an aerial mapping using a DJI drone.

It is a perfect tool for any vertical structure, like bridge,  building, water tower, transmission line tower etc., that  would otherwise be difficult to survey using conventional  methods. It is also a handy tool, when you don't want your  employees to be at risk of injury in the high traffic areas,  like busy intersections, or a highway. We have a full time licensed  drone pilot, FAA certified.

All data can be captured by a drone, and with the support of the ground control, using a post-processing software, it is transferred into a high density point cloud, where each individual point has its own x,y,z, value, as shown on the image below.


In this particular example of the water treatment plant in Texas, a series of 178 aerial images were taken, at the altitude of 120 feet above ground level.  The low altitude has allowed us to achieve very high accuracy (mean RMS error = 0.038 ft),  creating a point cloud of over 18 million points, of which each points has it's own X,Y,Z value.


During post-processing, three dimensional line work is created, and exported to CAD. 

Low altitude of the camera, allowed us to create a high resolution orthophoto image, where Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) is 1.12 cm / 0.44 in (pixel size), resulting in clear detail of the entire site.